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Here we come!

What do you get when you type Well, you get our beautiful new landing page of course!

In the not so distant past, you used to get our sign-in page. That's because we had real customers that loved our solution before we become a business. Those early customers heard about us through good-ole' word of mouth.

Go ahead, try typing in your browser right now. What do you think? We really promoted that beautiful Bahamian water all throughout didn't we.

It's because we had the opportunity to work with those amazing businesses for a couple of months, that we are ready to exclaim to the world "Here we come!". Are you ready to save time processing payroll and preparing NIB C10s? Yes, get started here!

Need to learn more? Check out the following 3 pages on our site:

1. Overview Page

The Overview page, let's our visitors know about The Payroll App at a glance. It's the very first page visitors will see. In the benefits and faq sections of the overview page we aim to convert visitors into payroll success stories.

Speaking about payroll success; we love talking about our app, but prospective companies want to hear what our clients have to say so we asked our customers, some amazing companies, to drop us a line about how they felt about The Payroll App. We shared what they had to say in the 'Our Happy Clients' section - our favorite section of the entire site.

2. Pricing Page

We wanted to answer the "how much it costs" question right away and that's exactly what we do on the Pricing page. We believe being transparent and upfront offers a better experience for our visitors and saves them time when assessing our product. Thankfully, The Payroll App is priced for small businesses, so whether they are a small, medium or large organization, we are confident the app will fit any budget. If it doesn't please speak to us?

3. Features Page

On our Features page, we wanted to highlight many of the key features that make The Payroll App a good fit for your business.

Though we couldn't list all of the app's features, we tried to list those that businesses may care the about most. It should be clear from the features page that The Payroll App is a robust application that is suitable for your business needs.


So in rounding this all up, our new landing page is a storefront where we place The Payroll App on display for businesses seeking an easy, yet robust payroll solution that also completes all of their Bahamas taxes; our sweet spot. Our existing users can sign-in and new businesses can sign-up to use the app and begin using it right away with our free 60-day no risk trial. To contact us, we provide three methods on our website, our email address, a contact form, and a chat client 💬 allowing you to reach a payroll specialist.

Check out our new site and let us know what you think.


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